A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

What do you turn to when you are afflicted? Share your remedies, recipes, and rituals for good medicine. Share your invocations for defeating fear, dispelling sickness, and cultivating love. What academic, communal, and familial wisdom do you draw upon to cure what ails you & those you love? Show us, poet. Help us build a medicine cabinet that can heal a crisis and revel is ecstasy alike. 

We will strive to build an issue that creates a safe and sacred space for solidarity and intersectional community care. 

Contest Goals

Our primarily goal with this contest is to aid a beloved RPR alumn with evacuating 20 of their family members from Gaza. Together, we have a chance to use our gifts to preserve the futures of this family. We hope to build solidarity, generate mutual aid, and practice communal care in the process. The entrance fee for this contest is a sliding scale donation of $10-25.

Entrance Fee:

In lieu of a traditional submission fee, please make a $10-25 donation to the evacuation aid fundraiser for Hanaa's family. Please include a screenshot of your donation to this campaign in the space provided in the form below.

Contest Details: 

The winning poet will be awarded $300 and publication in Rising Phoenix Review. Second and third place will receive $200 and $100, respectively, as well as publication. These poets will also receive offers to publish chapbooks with Rising Phoenix Press. A group of finalists will be selected by Rising Phoenix Review editors, and a guest judge (TBD) will select the three winners from finalists.

All finalists will be considered for inclusion in a themed issue around the Panacea theme. 

Submissions Guidelines: 

  • · Please send 1-5 previously unpublished poems for consideration.
  • · Submissions are open internationally to all poets writing in English. 
  • · Our editors will consider work from established and emerging poets alike.
  • · We will accept poetry that has been published on personal blogs and other social media platforms.
  • · Rising Phoenix Review will not accept any poem produced using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. 
  • · We accept simultaneous submissions. Please promptly notify our editors if you choose to publish your submission with another magazine.
  • · We do accept multiple submissions, so long as each submission is accompanied by a screenshot of a $10-25 donation to this evacuation aid campaign.
  • · Three winning poets will be chosen for the honorariums listed above. Contest winners, as well as all other finalist, will be offered publication in Panacea, a special themed issue of Rising Phoenix Review.
  • · NOTE: Please include all of your poems in one single-spaced document. If you need to make any edits to any of the poems in your submission, please send us a note via Submittable. We will open your submission for editing.

Deadlines & Timelines:

Contest Opens: April 17, 2024

Submissions Close: June 17, 2024

Finalists Selected: July 17, 2024

Winners Announced: August 17, 2024

Panacea themed issue compiled and released (TBD).


The Rising Phoenix Review is a monthly magazine dedicated to publishing poetry, photography, and art focused on the working class and other marginalized groups. The Rising Phoenix Review was founded as a method to track the progression of modern social issues in real time. We believe genuine writing, photography, and art creates an opportunity for foster community, build solidarity, and create positive material chance for communities that need it most. We resolve to publish writers, artists, and photographers who peacefully and compassionately address the most challenging issues of our era. We strive to build a sacred space for historically marginalized poets with the work we publish. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.